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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 20, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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city hall. jodi? >> reporter: that's right, raj. the mayor and the sheriff held back-to-back press conferences late this afternoon. the mayor says mirkarimi must go, but the sheriff says he's not about to step down. sheriff ross mirkarimi says he met with the mayor yesterday after he was sentenced for a domestic violence charge, that charge stems from a new year's eve argument he had with his wife that left lopez with bruises. mayor ed lee has called mirkarimi's guilty plea serious and troubling and today he announced after reviewing the evidence and the city charter he's decided to suspend the sheriff. but mirkarimi says he will not go without a fight. >> i explained and shared with mayor lee my thinking, that i want to take full responsibility, and i am. and that by doing so, i believe
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that i am still very able to be the sheriff of san francisco and that at this time i do not plan to resign. >> i informed him of my intent to fulfill my duties pursuant to the charter and move to suspend and remove him from the office for official misconduct. he has chosen not to resign, and now i must act. >> reporter: now the mayor says he has appointed former deputy chief vickie hennessey as the interim sheriff. hennessey most recently served as director for the department of emergency management. now lee says he will officially suspend the sheriff as early as tomorrow. the ethics committee will then take up the misconduct charge and make a recommendation, but we understand it will be the board of supervisors that has the ultimate say. nine of the 11 members must vote
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to remove mirkarimi from his position to make it stick. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. jodie, thank you. and this has been a fast moving story. we continue our coverage on line and website search mirkarimi to hear more of his reaction and the reaction from mayor ed lee. once again on new tonight at 6:00, the supervisor at the center of a sex scandal returned 0 to work. she said she was eager to join her colleagues and carry on the business. she is the wife of the state tre treasurer. the supervisor claims an ex-boyfriend beat her at a newark hotel last month and that man claims there are sex tapes n. a statement today nadia said i take full responsibility for
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the personal mistakes i have made and the personal amends i must make and i deeply apologize to those i love and those who love me. where is sierra lamar? still no answers as investigators continue to search for the morgan hill teenager last seen friday morning. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us live with the latest on the search for sierra. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with investigators and they tell me they spent the day interviewing students here at sobra it to high school in morgan hill and also her former school in fremont. they have been poring over records from her cell phone and laptop computer. now investigators, which includes a team of 30 detectives, tell me that they have received dozens of tips including sightings in the bay area of sierra. but they say so far none of those are con firld. more and more pictures like this are going up in businesses in downtown morgan hill. >> did you hear about the little girl that's missing?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: store owner crystal thomas calls the disappearance of sierra lamar frightening. >> my sister, tyler, was best friends with a girl recently killed by gang members in morgan hill. so it's just, you know, like i said, absolutely heartbreaking. we lost tera in november and now another little girl it looks like she's been a victim to some sort of something. >> reporter: sheriff's investigators say despite getting phone tips every minute some reporting sightings of sierra, so far all are unk unconfirmed. sierra was last seen friday morning. she left her home in morgan hill headed to the bus stop for school. investigators say she sent a tweet from her computer at 6:30 a.m. they also found her cell phone in a field about half a mile from her home. sierra's family says they were too shaken today to talk. but yesterday her mom shared this thought about sierra's mood on friday. >> things were good the day that she went missing.
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we were embracing each other and wishing each other to have a good day. and she was excited about writing a paper for school and didn't give me any indication that there was any trouble. >> reporter: investigators say they are contacting all the sexual offenders in the morgan hill area to see where they were when sierra went missing. her father, steven wayne lamar, is a registered sex offender who served time for lewd acts with a minor. investigators say he's cooperated fully and is not a person of interest. as sierra's friends at washington high school in fremont make posters to get the word out she's missing, they struggle to keep up hope, painfully aware they haven't heard from their friend this five days. tonight at 8:00 there will be a candlelight vigil in honor of sierra at morgan hill press presbyterian church. reporting live in morgan hill, marianne favro, nbc bay area
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news. >> thank you. also, nowhere to be found, a bay area man vanished during a cycling tour in southern california. search teams and local authorities near the nevada border are looking for the 67-year-old man near the mesquite spring campground in death valley national park. george kohler was seen march 12th at 8:00 p.m. he vanished without his bicycle or camping gear the next morning. we have images of the search effort under way in the tet valley. he reportedly left a cpfire that he shared with the bicycle group saying he was tired. in the morning he did not meet up with the rest of the group. the man's tent was open with no indication that he slept overnight. bryan stow's family is allowed to move forward with its lawsuit against the dodgers. a delaware bankruptcy court judge said the family can proceed with their negligence suit once the dodgers emerge from bankruptcy. that could happen as soon as next month. stow's family is suing the dodgers and outgoing owner frank
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mccourt for failing to provide adequate security at dodgers stadium. in exchange for the lawsuit moving forward, the lawsuit agreed to limit the money -- the family agrees to limit the money they can possibly receive. the dodgers say that could be up to $300 million. bryan stow was severely beaten on opening day of last season in the parking lot after a gian giants/dodgers game in l.a. sexual harassment accusations are surfacing in the alameda county probation department. chief david muhammad has been suspended after an employee filed a lawsuit against him today. the deputy officer's attorney claims muhammad harassed her on multiple occasions for four months last year. she adds the board was negligent in hiring muhammad because an employee who worked for him in washington, d.c., had similar complaints. the investigation is being handled by the office of state attorney general harris. three suspected bank robbers are behind bars tonight after leading police on a chase down 101 before finally giving up.
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this morning three suspects armed with handguns robbed a wells fargo bank in east san jose. the three men fled in a stolen silver jeep suv. an officer in the area spotted the jeep traveling south on 101. when officers tried to stop the vehicle, the suspects refused and the chase ensued. the suspects then began throwing the money out of the window before finally pulling over and surrendering in gilroy. >> we don't really give out their admissions or statements, but i don't think they'll be robbing any banks in san jose anytime soon. >> officers are not saying where the suspects are from, but the jeep they were driving was stolen out of green field, which is south of salinas. the road to santa cruz will be safer, they will make changes to route 17 deadliest curve. we're talking about laurel curve near scotts valley. kris sanchez joins us now. what's the plan? >> reporter: well, raj, chances
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are if you drive highway 17 you probably white knuckle it around laurel curve because it is a very smooth stretch of road and it's tempting to go a little too fast. it's downhill and there's no guardrail separating you from oncoming traffic. some of those things are going to change this week. on any given day as many as 65,000 drivers pass laurel road on highway 17, some of them don't make it past this curve. just friday a 54-year-old man from brentwood died here when he lost control in the rain and smashed into a driver going in the opposite direction. california highway patrol officer sarah jackson drove us along that route. >> where they would normally hit the center divide they're coming through and having head-on collisions with northbound traffic. >> reporter: laurel curve accounts for one in three crashes on highway 17. they have resisted calls for a guardrail here citing access to laurel road which may not serve the greater good. in a mile and a half drive we counted five houses and few drivers taking laurel to highway
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17. >> we've seen perhaps 1,000 vehicles traveling on highway 17, three vehicles have used the left-hand turn lane since is we've been here. >> reporter: they plan to make changes. starting thursday crews will begin construction of a temporary concrete barrier. they'll lay down high friction pavement treatment along the curve for better traction and will put up additional curve warning signs. >> that's laurel road. look at the guardrail. >> reporter: skid marks on the pavement and piles of car parts flung from crashes plus roadside memorials, all things chp officers may see less of once they complete the improvements. >> it's not going to eliminate collisions at this location. it's just going to keep people from traveling into opposing traffic, and it will eliminate the head-on injuries and fatalities that we see here. >> reporter: caltrans crews will start working on that in the midday and overnight hours starting on thursday. it is a temporary barrier but
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the spokesman says they will study the effectiveness and it could become permanent. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. we have some late word from 49ers headquarters tonight. they have solved their quarterback dilemma. will it be alex smith or tim tebow? that's just ahead. plus, too hot to handle. apple fans get fired up over the new ipad. what some ipad owners are complaining about. >> reporter: i'm scott budman. some of the brightest, most highly recruited graduate students in the country. coming up, why they're spending the day here in silicon valley. and they might be the bay area's newest crime fighters, the heroic acts that are keeping one local neighborhood safe. and, good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. we're tracking a few showers off to the north near clear lake and also eureka. we're going to time line our best chance to get any of that activity plu will be.he larger storm will be.
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apple's ipad in the news because it's hot. >> we've told 0 you some of the newest ipad owners were complaining of their gadgets running hotter than usual. "consumer reports" took up the case and ran a battery of tests. it says while the new devices do run as much as 13 degrees hotter than the previous ipad, it does not get hot enough to harm the device. "consumer reports" says ipads do not reach temperatures of laptops, also, apple commenting saying the new ipads run, quote, within their thermal specifications. hp in the news today. reports the palo al it to tech giant will rejoin its printer and pc divisions. no comments from hp itself. the stock dropping about 1.5% today.
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not much movement as investors wait to see what happens next. the bay area solar industry has long complained about competition from china. today the u.s. commerce department did something about it putting a tariff in lace to make it a bit more expensive for chinese solar companies to sell panels here in the u.s. if you're looking to work in the tech industry, good news. lots of companies are hiring. the bad news, some of the brightest grad students on the east coast are here, and they're looking for jobs, too. >> i would like you to try to grab that green ring -- >> reporter: madeline is not a doctor but the graduate student is getting ready to look for a job. >> pull your hands back up. >> reporter: so madeline and several of her grad school classmates came here to silicon valley visiting cutting edge companies like intuitive surgical. they could work anywhere. they're looking to tech. >> silicon valley is seen as the promised land to launch your own business. >> the wild west is not quite so
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wild. >> reporter: silicon valley is where the jobs are. and for these students, it's where the future is. >> i think the jobs that i want to be pursuing are here, so there's so much innovation happening here. for instance in terms of surgical, just had a chance to try out the da vinci which is amazing and a lot of that risk taking is really happening in the bay area and i want to be a part of that. >> while we're meeting with a lot of companies and meeting a lot of people that i might not have ever had the opportunity to meet with, we also get to complement that with meeting alumni who have been here either for a year or two or 20 years. >> reporter: for m.i.t., days like this prove that higher education gives students lots of options. for intuitive surgical, they prove that innovative companies are being closely followed. >> it's exciting. we used to have to go out and do missionary sales to convince people to join. now that we've gotten some success, it's nice that they're seeking us out. and so when offers like this
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come to us, we always open up our doors. >> reporter: opening the doors to the operators of tomorrow. now there are dozens of m.i.t. grads working in silicon valley. they visit companies like twitter, google, box and facebook. >> scott, you'll appreciate this story now. aloha means cheap flights, at least tonight it does. you'll soon have more chances to get to hawaii from the bay area. they will add five new flights to maui directly from san jose and oakland. the new flights begin in july. and if you act fast you can catch a break on the cost. hawaiian airlines is running an airfare sale through friday. more locations to buy medical marijuana in the bay area. tonight the richmond city council will decide whether to increase the number of medical marijuana dispensaries from four to six. city leaders will discuss easing restrictions on where pot clubs can set up shop. currently the dispensaries can only operate in two areas, hilltop and pacific east mall. at tonight's meeting the council
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could vote to expand those areas. contra costa county health officials are concerned about an alarming rise in the number of cases of tuberculosis. in 2010 there were 33 reported cases of tb but in 2011 that number jumped to 60. tuberculosis is an airborne bacteria disease that attacks the lungs. it tb usually starts with a persistent cough that eventually is accompanied by weight loss, fever, and night sweats. anyone with these symptoms is urged to call their doctor right away. the hunt is on for the person who shot a young hawk with a pellet gun. a $5,000 reward is being offered. the hawk remains in guarded condition after it was shot in the chest in the san martin area southeast of morgan hill. the bird has regained some strength and is eating on its own. the wild rescue organization is ha handling the reward thanks to many contributions. firefighters battled a two-alarm blaze early this morning at an apartment complex near downtown san jose. crews say one of the residents noticed smoke around 6:00 a.m.
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and began pounding on doors. thankfully everyone in the apartment got out safely. firefighters were able to contain the fire and the damage to just one unit. no word on what caused the fire. the sun was shining today where i was at and it was warm, so i had to go outside and go for a walk. it was so nice. >> and this is where we're seeing janelle took a hike with her heels on, right, jeff. >> no, i had my shoes on, my tennis shoes. my tennis shoes. >> just want to make sure you're protecting those lovely feet of yours. >> thanks, jeff. it was nice in the south bay and the peninsula. some 70-degree weather if you were out in the sun soaking it in, 71, felt like the mid-70s. 69 in santa cruz right up into san francisco, 62. and cooler up into santa rosa with cloud cover that it did linger with temperatures only at 60. right now numbers are dropping off. not too quick this hour. 61 in san mateo and 63 in sun sunnyva sunnyvale. what you'll find here is a
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little bit of sun reflecting on the north bay hills. traffic moving along great there on our golden gate bridge. as we continue through tonight it will be a mix of clouds rolling on in. now that we had all that have rain, over 16 inches last week, san jose is still doing pretty poorly here. only 3.81 at 30% of normal. a good time for them to catch up. we do have rain on tap at least in the next seven days. it's mainly mid to high level cloud cover moving across san francisco back into stockton and sacramento and as we pull out wider what you'll find is this frontal system just off to the north. it's trying to push down but we have high pressure building offshore and that's guarding us and keeping us a little bit dryer than we would normally be if that wasn't there. we would see that system move on down and would get sought rain. 45 in santa cruz.
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44 in napa and also expecting 45 in livermore. as we continue through tomorrow we are going to see a lot more sunshine even for parts of the north bay. temperatures once again starting off in the 40s and then by the noon hour 60s for the inland and bay side areas and possibly low 70s returning to our interior sections. we'll tell you about that next best chance, measurable rainfall coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> see you soon, jeff. still ahead at 6:00, a big change for online dating websites. the new strategy to keep users safe. also ahead, a controversial vote involving the cal state system, the connection to the president of a bay area univer hsity. ans fid urofsty. w w tynea martial arts studio is helping to fight crime when we come back. ne
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rush hour is in full swing but tonight there's relief for commuters in one problem area in the south bay. drivers can use tose the car-pool lanes around the 237
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and 880 interchange. the vta has convert add four-mile stretch of car-pool lanes to express lanes. that switch has made official at 5:00 this morning and things went smoothly depending on traffic and time of day it will cost solo drivers up to $6. the money is deducted from transponders. the average toll was $2. >> the a.m. commute people are looking at 17, 18, 19 minutes to get through this interchange. it's going to considerably cut down their time five, ten minutes if not more. >> and when you're late, that could come in handy. the express lanes are open during normal car-pool hours and we should mention car-poolers can continue to use them for free. they picked the wrong neighborhood for crime. a busy san francisco street corner is experiencing a sudden drop in crime because of a new martial arts studio that recently opened up. here is nbc bay area joe rosato
6:25 pm
jr. i teach three forms of stick fighting. >> reporter: there's a different beat to the kind of martial arts grandmaster robert castro teaches. >> this art is set up to be able to use a pencil, newspaper, whatever, an umbrella, whatever you have in your hand. >> reporter: knifes, sticks, even a conga drum are worked into lessons and this 8-month-old studio on polk street. >> ever poked somebody with a toothpick? i'll bet you it hurts. >> reporter: beneath the macgyver-like filipino self-defense castro has taught for 30 years is a mantra sharper than any knife. >> i teach my students when they hear help to always help. >> reporter: and that lesson flashed in the mind of castro's student, harold soriano, last week, when he stadiumbled on a robbery in the grocery store beneath the studio. >> i saw the manager running out of the store and one of the cashiers was rubbing her eyes. >> reporter: soriano chased the
6:26 pm
suspect down the street, wrestled him to the ground, getting stabbed in the chest with a pair of scissors in the process. >> i went back to the studio and told everybody this happened. hey, that technique works really well. i just used it. >> reporter: castro himself fended off a man attacking a clerk in the bagel shop downstairs. >> said this guy was ready to beat her up and they thanked me for coming in. now i get free bagels and doughnuts. >> reporter: the hero deeds are not lost on neighbors, he is pegs ly the grocery store where soriano busted the bad guy. >> i feel bad about it. i couldn't sleep all night. he's a hero. >> and every time you hear the word help there's always risk, but, you know, if it's life endangerment, i train my students to go in there because that's part of being a warrior. >> reporter: this warrior, however, prefers to avoid fights, wielding diplomacy as the ultimate weapon.
6:27 pm
but on the occasion when words fail, this corner of polk street might be the safest place in town. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> and he gets free bagels for his work. >> yes, he should. still ahead at 6:00, the new clue that could help solve one of history's biggest mysteries. >> new developments in the controversial shooting of a florida teenager. the phone call revealing new details in this case. >> and that strong earthquake that rocked the latest on the damage when we return.
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reports of widespread damage are coming in tonight from southern mexico at the epicenter of today's 7.4 mag think tud earthquake, it was centered in a fairly remote area between the cities of acapulco and south of mexico city, oaxaca. this hit from a security camera mounted at a resort in guerrero.
6:30 pm
we're hearing some 800 homes are damaged and 60 destroyed. people felt the quake as far away as 200 miles where light fixtures swayed and windows broke and in acapulco vacationers were shaken. >> we were on the 20th floor. the win dougdows started to shad very spooky. >> the windows were shaking and i sat on the floor and it was very scary. >> president obama's eldest daughter ma leah is visiting the region with a school group. the white house says she and the other children are safe. decision 20 is 1 2012, soon after the polls closed nbc news is calling the race for romney. now early exit polls had suggested that romney was leading his rival, rick santorum, in the illinois primary. let's bring in nbc bay area steve handelsman who is tracking everything for us tonight in
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washington, d.c. steve, good evening to you. romney apparently got what he paid for spending big money in illinois. what's the latest? >> reporter: he has spent big money everywhere, raj. good evening. and it paid off as it has in battleground state after battleground state. this is a triple win for him after michigan and ohio, now illinois. all states rick santorum badly wanted to win, where he did pretty well in the polls and where in the end mitt romney closed and won and it looks like his win in the state of illinois will be a convincing one with 43% of the vote in, this is real tally now not just exit polls. the romney had about 51% of the vote. santorum just 31% of the vote. mitt romney is sell is britti g celebrating. here is what he had to say in illinois. >> years of too many apologies and not enough jobs. historic drops in income and
6:32 pm
rise in gas prices, a president who doesn't hesitate to use all the means necessary to force through obama care on the american public but leads from behind in the world. it's time to say these words, this word, enough. we've had enough. >> reporter: raj, when you want people to feel you're the front-runner, you don't talk about rick santorum. you talk about barack obama. keep in mind this is a win for romney tonight in barack obama's home state. >> and, steve, while we have you here, we talked about a seminal moment for mitt romney. maybe that comes tonight. but what now for rick santorum? what's next for him? >> reporter: well, we've got a situation in delegate count that gives rick santorum hope even though he's got to be disappointed by his loss and apparently a big loss tonight in illinois. romney, unless he wins almost all of the delegates from here on out, and we'll talk in a minute about the tough road ahead for him at least in the
6:33 pm
immediate future, unless romney wins virtually every delegate, he can't cinch the nomination before the republican national convention in tampa. santorum is miles away from grabbing the nomination but he, newt gingrich, ron paul have grabbed enough of these delegates, it was the party's decision to make these late rye mares not winner take all, so they all grab some delegates. santorum will from illinois tonight. they're blocking romney from the win. and so it prolongs this race. it weak ens the party. a lot fret about it, raj, because mostly they bash one another. >> very good insight from steve handelsman reporting from washington, d.c. but it appears that mitt romney now with all the momentum heading into this as we continue the republican race. thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. the cost of college may be going up but campus presidents apparently won't be feeling the pinch. csu board voted today to raise the salaries of two presidents. csu east bay president leyoy
6:34 pm
morishita of more than $300,000 and fullerton president mildred garcia will get more than $324,000. those are 10% more than their current pay. the decision comes as the majority of cal state campuses plan to close spring admissions in response to a $750 million cut in state fund iing. looking for love online just got a little bit safer. this morning attorney general harris announced e-harmony, will help from identity theft, scams and sexual predators. it includes checking subscribers against national sex offender registries. it will provide fraud prevention guidance and tips for safely meeting people online. the berkeley city council will tackle a sensitive topic tonight, teenaged prostitution. the council may vote to create a task force to fight what some call a growing problem in the city. the daily californian on the cal
6:35 pm
campus says a recent is panel discussion says underaged girls are involved in prostitution at berkeley high school. if approved, the task force will investigate incidents and data conne connected to sexual exploitation and underaged sex trafficking. the shooting of an unarmed florida teenager is generating nationwide controversy. a white neighborhood watch volunteer says he shot the black teen because he felt threatened. but the teen's friends and family dispute that claim and say there's proof. nbc's jay gray has the latest on the case which is now a federal investigation. >> reporter: it's been almost a month. >> the guy is yelling help. >> reporter: still the cries for help and controversy echo through the florida community can and now across the country. >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> all right what is your -- >> there's gunshots. >> reporter: today the justice department acknowledged that investigators and agents with the fbi are now looking into the death of 17-year-old trayvon
6:36 pm
martin. martin was killed by a crime watch community volunteer, 28 ye 28-year-old george zimmerman, patrolling the area with his 9 millimeter pistol after a string of robberies over the last year and a half. zimmerman was questioned after the shooting but never arrested. he told officers he acted in self-defense after a scuffle with the teenager who has no previous criminal record and had only a package of candy and a drink in his pockets when he was killed. this morning an attorney for martin's family played an audio interview with a friend of the young man. the teenaged girl said she was on the phone with martin that night and he told her he was being followed and he was trying to get away. >> the dots have all been connected. arrest george zimmerman for the killing of trayvon martin in cold blood today. >> reporter: a call for justice shared by a grieving mother trying to make sense of her loss. >> that was my baby.
6:37 pm
and he was pleading for his life. and i just don't understand how that self-defense. you can clearly hear him yelling for help. >> reporter: help, as this community continues to search for even after martin's death as the attention and outrage over the shooting continues to grow. jay gray, nbc news. today the florida state attorney confirmed a grand jury will be convened to consider the case expected to take place next month. french president nicolas sarkozy says a monster is on the loose. france remains on high alert while a massive man hunt is under way for the person responsible for killing three children and a rabbi at a jewish school in toulouse yesterday. a memorial service was held at that school today while moments of silence took place throughout france. meanwhile, witnesses are telling police the gunman, who sped away on a motorcycle, was wearing a filming device at the time, possibly wanting to broadcast the footage on the internet.
6:38 pm
help for some of california's bravest people, state lawmakers are working to help veterans adjust to life at home after returning from war. 11 new bills have been introduced in sacramento. the new legislation would provide a variety of certificseo veterans from helping to find work, a one-stop website for services. >> if you look at our history and what has happened in the past, quite the frankly we turned our back on veterans. this group and myself have resolved not to make that same mistake again. >> there's also a push to restore $26 million in funding for two newly built veterans homes in fresno and redding. without that money those homes would sit empty. still ahead at can have, the l lotto jackpot that has many dreaming of striking it rich. what really happened to amelia earhart. the new clue that could help solve the mystery. and experts say it's unnecessary. the medical procedure you may
6:39 pm
not need that's costing hundreds of millions of dollars. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. high pressure building offshore. that's going to be warming us up for wednesday with even a few 70sw kno whoib. welel t you know w will be the warmest coming up in a few minutes. bay area !
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a common pill could help hikers. they found taking ibuprofen while climbing high altitudes decreases the risk of acute mountain sickness. those who still developed the illness had less severe symptoms than those who didn't. taking ibuprofen could be useful
6:42 pm
for those who have limited time and can't slowly prepare their bodies for going to high altitudes. too many people are getting costly and unnecessary sedation during colonoscopies. it finds nearly $1 billion a year spent on sedation treatments for patients that don't need them. the author of the study suggests the treatment should not be given to low-risk patients to decrease rising medical costs. okay. so here's the deal. we're off to get our lottery ticket in a little while, right? >> janelle, you're on foot rest, right? i'm just kidding. >> you were kidding her about going hiking earlier. >> it was so great. i wore good shoes, not my heels. >> yes, yes. we had a few low 70s out there today and we are going to be getting lottery tickets. it looks like i'll be getting that after what i just said to janelle. a little bit of cloud cover looking to san francisco. we'll detail that chance, a large chance of showers coming back in the seven-day forecast.
6:43 pm
last night in oakland the warriors owner was nearly booed out of the building. he stopped by our studios to get a lot off his chest. find out what he had to say. plus, alex smith proves his heart is stillfransco. he'surfrancisco. he r ret'sning to the red and gold. we'll have a live report from santa clara next. year after yea. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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[ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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she was the first person to fly solo from hawaii to california in 1935 landing in oakland. two years later famed aviator amelia earhart. the u.s. government is encouraging a group launching a search to determine what happened to her. today secretary of state hillary clinton met with the international group for historic aircraft recovery which is aided by the man who located the "titanic." analysis of old photos taken off the remote south pacific island shows what might be wreckage from her plane. >> interesting stuff. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and a mixed bag. it looks great outside. >> we had that sunshine throughout the south bay, the peninsula. in the north bay we held on to the cloud cover, temperatures were cooler. 62 in san rafael and i know a
6:46 pm
lot of you are feeling it was low to mid-70s in south bay but our official temperatures reading 69 in san jose. you have to remember those official numbers are actually taken in a device that is shaded accounting for the sun not hitting it. okay. let us look at doppler radar. showers stay just off to the north. more on the radar in a minute. anywhere from san francisco down to san mateo with a slight onshore flow, temperatures right now primarily in the 50s and throughout the downtown. now let's bring you into our weather headlines. a slight chance of an isolated shower for tomorrow morning. throughout wednesday the big headline is if you like today there's no reason you won't like tomorrow. it's going to get even warmer with a few more 70s. and by this weekend we are tracking a much larger system. so just off to the north we have this frontal system. it's been stalled out for 18 hours and now it's starting to lift a little bit more to the north as it pushes to the east.
6:47 pm
so our chances just continue to diminish of getting any of this rainfall. not only that but as the rain has tried to get who are to the south you can see it actually evaporating on the last loops. there's not a lot of energy back behind this latest frontal system to the north. so what does this mean for us? cloud cover here as we head into 11:00 p.m. tonight and then as we advance into tomorrow morning maybe, just maybe, a slight chance of a shower up into santa rosa and back here for the east bay and the south bay it looks like a primarily clear start for us. by the afternoon, sunny skies for the peninsula. the south bay, that's where we'll have the warmest temperatures and also mainly sunny for the east bay. still stay cloudy for a bit tomorrow up into the north bay. as for morning numbers, we'll go with 48 and 47 in concord, 44 napa. 48 in oakland. so temperatures going up tomorrow but where will it be the warmest? the south bay. 71 in san jose. 72 in morgan hill. 73 in gilroy and we'll get close to 70 for the east bay it's
6:48 pm
going to be above average. the overall trend will be 60s here in the castro valley. fremont 69. concord 68 and fair field 69. and for the peninsula we expect 62 in pacifica. up to the north bay santa rosa and 6 in sap rafael. on your three-day forecast no major rain the next two days. temperatures start to go down by thursday. we'll have a chance of showers by thursday. then by friday numbers start to go down even more in advance of the next system. by saturday that's the day when you really want to have that umbrella close by. we'll have some accumulating rain, possibly a quarter to a half inch. it will mean more snow up into the sierra. by monday and tuesday a few lingering showers. if you want to head up to the sierra, maybe you can still ask for a three-day weekend and head up on friday, that's probably your best bet so you don't get stuck in traffic. >> good advice. i may play hooky.
6:49 pm
>> you're a big skier. >> she just let the cat out of the bag. >> i'm in trouble now. >> let's get to sports. can we keep track of all that's going on with the 49ers? let's bring in henry. >> a lot of movement. 49ers fans saw alex smith meet with members of the miami dolphins front office. but instead of taking his talents to south beach, alex's heart is still in san francisco. we just talked to jim harbaugh about it, and this is what he had to say. >> excited to be back working. i felt that way for the last two mont months. get back, get working, get doing things. continue to build our team. >> i know you've said it before, it's well documented. >> and our players, it's been great watching them come into the facility and see those guys work. i can't imagine there's many
6:50 pm
other facilities around the nfl with this many guys pumping iron and out there running and doing what our guys are doing. i think they feel the same as well. >> you've said before, well documented, alex smith is your guy. anything that changes that at this point? >> nothing has changed. >> nothing's changed. >> thanks a lot. >> great. well, the coach says nothing has changed, but here is what we can tell you, reports from envelo have alex smith and the 49ers agreeing on a three-year deal. i spoke with the gm briefly and he won't comment on talks with the players until they are official as is the policy. for more reaction on alex smi smith's return in san francisco we asked the former 49ers president and ceo carmen policy if he was surprised by the deal and the way it went down. >> i am reacting in a rather moderate way because it was anticipated. i really believe this is the way it had to turn out.
6:51 pm
i think that probably alex did the right thing in covering his bases by going to miami, even suggesting he was going elsewhere. i really had the feeling there was going to be a wait and see proposition. i think that when we start looking at what the coach did, what coach harbaugh did and how he did it and when he did it and why, i think he was acting perfectly appropriate. >> well, much to the chagrin of tim tebow, it became official today, peyton manning was introduced as the new quarterback of the denver broncos. the four-time league's mvp deal is for five years, $9 million including $18 million guaranteed for next season. also, last night warriors owner wanted to honor and show respect to a former warrior by retiring the number 17 jersey, but during the halftime certificate mope he was booed constantly by several of the warriors fans.
6:52 pm
i interviewed the warriors owner today and he was quick to defend his position. >> i feel like we're an ownership group that has worked hard to turn a situation around that hasn't been going very well for a long time. we've made a lot of moves. we're going willing to treat all our fans very well and provide great entertainment and do everything we can. i feel that way. i don't know that i would have booed me, but i certainly understand that people did and they must have had reason and it's okay. >> not letting those boos get to him. a big night for the sharks tonight as they're in l.a. taking on the kings. they are currently tied with the kings in ninth place in the western conference one spot out of the playoff race, and time is ticking. it's not on their side. they need to get back in that playoff hunt. they're in the hunt to get in the playoff picture.
6:53 pm
busy, busy time. booing the owner of the warriors, that was crazy. i haven't heard boos like that since i booed my sister during the talent show. >> henry, you should never do that. >> but joe knows, don't take it personal, years of frustration building up and as soon as the four warriors are back in the playoffs, those same fans will be cheering. they are wishing curry the best. they want him to get healthy. >> all right. it's good that joe came in the studio and addressed all that stuff. thanks a lot, henry. for a full half hour, you can watch sports net central tonight at 10:30.
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coming up at 11:00 from carcinogens to caffeine, many of us pollute our bodies. that's why each year millions of people eat fruits and vegetables to clear out their systems and lose a little weight. while americans cleanse, it's juice can companies who are cleaning up. tonight who's making money behind some of the hottest trends out there after an all new "fashion star." >> the excitement over mega millions just keeps increasing. since no one matched all six numbers in friday night's drawing, tonight's jackpot will be worth $241 million. three lucky players did match five of the six numbers winning over $300,000 last friday. now for tonight the estimated cash option for tonight's drawing $171 million.
6:57 pm
if no one wins, the jackpot will increase to $290 million for friday's drawing. >> we're winning. >> we are going to win. lots of confetti today, lots to celebrate because it was a big day for the muppets. they got their own star on the hollywood walk of fame. the event was just in time for today's dvd release of their movie "the muppets." although the bulk of hollywood stars honors people, the muppets will join the likes of mickey mouse and bugs bunny and characters who have their own star. >> a big party down there. >> so much fun. >> now our 7:00 newscast coming up in a tu minutes. brent? >> we'll talk about that major earthquake that rocked mexico, we're going to speak live with a reporter in mexico as well as to scientists from the usgs. and leveling the playing field. the deal affecting china and solar panels and we'll tell you how it could impact the job market and consumers in the bay area. that and more coming up on comcast in a couple minutes. >> we'll see you in a couple of
6:58 pm
minutes. have a great evening. >> good night. response to an nbc bay area editorial. >> i'm susan shaw. last week we criticized the yearly ritual of layoff thtss or pink slips given to thousands of schoolteachers on march 15th. parent express the majority view. it is offensivive. many get pinked each year two months before the end of the school year and are expected to chin up and keep going. scott, a teacher from fremont, adds call backs are in 24 hours saying you have your job back again. it is a union negotiated contract item. any emotional harm is self-imposed. and chris adds maybe we need to
6:59 pm
send pink slips to all government employees every year on march 15th, especially those who are elected and deal with the budget. as always, we thank you for sharing your views. tell us what you think at nbc editorials. the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours?


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